Cristiano Siqueira also known by the artistic identity of CRISVECTOR, is an illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started his career as graphic designer, working in projects for books, CD covers, magazines and posters and later on packaging design, for toys and food industry. Digital art and vector illustration are his passion and all his work is created in these formats. Let us check out some selection of his best works, done for various clients around the world for your inspiration.

Michael Austin aka HumanNature84 is a vector artist from the United States who is on the verge of adding a new dimension in creating 100% vector artworks free from mesh and raster effects. He believes that there are so many ways to use Illustrator and is working incessantly on creating many new rendering techniques and experimenting with some new lighting effects in his works which will never cease to impress us by the way. Let us check out some of his strikingly attractive vector works for your inspiration.