Ele Nichols is a full time artist/writer from the United States who creates worlds in images and stories. He is also a Graphic Designer and has freelanced himself from oblivion to the top of a lot of people’s lists. With his trusty Mac’s (plural) and his keen talent, he braves into the wild unknown seeking thrills, adventure and passion.

Marjun Lazarte is a 20 years old digital artist from Philippines who got an amazing style to create vibrant and outstanding vector illustrations of various famous personalities and movie characters. Let us check out some of the wonderful works from this talented artist.

Orlando Arocena is a Mexican-Cuban-America illustrator having more than 10 years of innovative, senior-level marketing and communications success
working with many of the worldʼs most recognizable brands. He is a dynamic visual and communication problem solver, that is meticulous and dedicated
to expanding his knowledge of the industry.

Leandro Lima is an Illustrator, Digital Artist and Interactive Art Director from Brazil, living in Milan, Italy at present. He specializes in surreal vectorial illustrations with a slight touch of cartoon influence. He has done work for clients such as Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Braskem, Banco do Brasil, Arcor, Everlast, Capricho Magazine, BRAVO! Magazine, Época Negócios Magazine, Rmax Studio, GLOSS Magazine, Editora Positivo, Vespa and others.