Tomasz Usyk is a professional illustrator from Ireland who has got some serious cravings for details and colors which you can find aplenty in his works. He has got his own style of crafting some incredible illustrations and artworks, some of which we present here to get you inspired.

Mads Berg designs illustrations to an international range of clients. His main fields of illustration are Posters, Brand Illustrations, Key Visuals, Editorial Illustrations, Cover Art, Murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which translates classic poster art into a modern and timeless look.

Man Tsun is an illustrator and graphic designer from Hong Kong for whom a world without art and creativity, is like a Harry Potter novel without magic. With every stroke, his wish is to enliven every piece of art with spells of enchantment from a “magic wand” dipped in the ink of an artist’s soul. His splashes of creative passion can be found on theme park designs, movies, MTV and CD covers.

Nightmare Mikey is a Washington D.C based Designer/Illustrator . He graduated College with a BA in Graphic Design in 2008, then shortly after, founded the Brand Beautiful Nightmare® in 2009 as a way of introducing his artwork to the world.