Rokas Mežetis is a 20 years old graphic/web designer from Lithuania working under creative identity of Romen. He just moved from his home town Klaipėda to the capital city of Vilnius to pursue a degree in Multimedia and computer design. He is available for freelance and part time hire.

Najeeb Najjar aka Art Master is a digital artist and graphic designer from the Republic of Yemen. He has been working on this field for almost 8 years now. Even though his experience in the digital realm is a year and a half only, his works are all featured in renowned art collectives like IntrinsicNature and sites like Abduzeedo, Deviantart and Shadowness.

Melvin Zelissen is a 22 year old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands. He started in 2007 with Photoshop and then moved on to learn Cinema 4D. He is a total art lover and is very much influenced by everyday life, his works are a total mess up with digital lighting design and manipulation and he is incessantly looking for new ways to improve his skills as a digital artist.

Vigan Tafili aka nagiViTy is a young digital artist from Peja, city based in Kosovo. His first contact with computer arts was on a young age. He started like a photographer continued as photo editor, then finally he became a digital artist, what he is today.