Markus Vogt is a German digital artist who have started creating computer imagery with 2D image processing or illustration programs, later he have become interested in the incredible possibilities and power of 3D modeling, animation and rendering packages. His artworks have appeared in several magazines like “3D World”, “3dArtist”, “Advanced Photoshop” or “Animation Reporter” as well as on various book and CD covers. Let us take an inspirational journey through his fascinating world of science fiction, horror and surrealism.

Francisco Garces aka Dibujante Nocturno, an illustrator from Spain is known for his awe-inspiring conceptual illustrations and digital art paintings, built around the theme of dragons, epic battle warriors and fantasy art, simply mesmerizes us by his great skills and enormous amount of details in his illustrations. Let’s check out some of his amazing artworks to get you a fresh start of inspiration this week.

No matter how many technologies and tools are coming recently to create digital illustration, these are no match for traditional drawings and paintings on canvas. And even with some great amount of detail with them they are always a pleasure to watch and get inspired. Missy Acker aka Demagis, a traditional artist who create some mind blowing illustrations of animals and birds on conventional mediums with exquisite amount of details in them. Let’s check out some of her works here.

Kasia Beatrice Jagielnicka (aka katiebloo) is a 17 years old self-taught artist from Poland. She has started her journey with art in 2009 and ever since she has been improving her skills and trying to find her place in art world. Kasia have wide variety of awesome artworks in her portfolio ranging from traditional pencil drawings, watercolor paintings to mixedmedia illustrations. Let’s check out some cool stuff from this talented young artist.