Cosmosys is a creative community focused around different forms of art, composed of artists from around the globe. Cosmosys aims to unite different types of artists into one collaborative community, and exhibit artwork in an inspired environment. Let us take a quick look at their seventh release to gaze upon 39 beautiful piece of art and 2 marvelous songs.

Heartsurge is an international art collective set on releasing inspirational and high quality artwork. The theme for this exhibition is “Inertia”, which is defined by the refusal of a change in movement (say, the Earth’s refusal to spin or move in a different direction). After over 5 months of hard work, this collective features 27 profound pieces of art and music that visualized each of new and old, artists interpretation of Inertia. Each and every single one of them unique in their very own way.

Returning once again after the 10th successful exhibition, Intrinsic Nature and the core of artists is proud to present the 11th Experiment, filled with a multitude of artistic styles, diverse photography, and engaging music. Headlined by newcomers Finnian MacManus, Johnson Ting, and Roy Hessels, IN11 showcases 72 works of art created by 49 international artists.

DACS (Designers Against Child Slavery) is a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade. After a year in the making, DACS is proud to announce the release of its second exhibition entitled, “Episodes”. Over the past 12 months, artists from around the world were challenged to create pieces of art based on the journey of a sex trafficking victim. The end result was a beautiful body of work that flows in chronological order, taking you on a journey through the eyes of a trafficking victim.