Johan Andersson aka Mandelwerk is an artist from Sweden for whom the new 3D fractals really woke the slumbering surrealist in him the day he found his way to fractalforums and Daniel Whites Mandelbulb site. He got a beautiful gallery in his portfolio of surreal three dimensional fractals and every piece is spectacular with all the details in them. Let us take a look by exploring some of his surreal planets for your inspiration.

Do you really think your artworks with minimal color palettes could depict the message you wish to declare in your works, Yes you can says MrFrivolous, who is an artist from London in desperate need of a haircut. The majority of his work is deliberately depicted in felt tip pens that use only some three to four colors blended with some subtle shades that give some realistic depth to his art which has been exhibited in various galleries in US and UK. Let us check out some of his works for your inspiration.

Omri Koresh is a 25 year old painter, master-photoshop-guy and digital artist who simply enthralls us with his outstanding digital paintings, photo-manipulations which constitute mind-boggling level of details, lights and colors established with his great painting skills seamlessly combined with his undying imagination for fantasy and surreal compositions. His portfolio of artworks is just a treat for our eyes and takes us on a wonderful journey to a different world. Let’s check out some of his excellent masterpieces for our inspiration.