John Polidora is a professional digital artist from the United States who works as an Illustrator and Concept Artist for Blizzard Entertainment on all of their current licenses and upcoming projects. John has been an artist for a long time and according to his mom he was drawing almost before he could speak. He went through phases of drawing all sorts of things early on, but he always ended up using his imagination as inspiration. Let us check out some of the stunning artworks from this amazingly talented artist for your inspiration.

Ivan Kashubo is a professional concept artist who was born in Novosibirsk, now working in Moscow, Russia. He is currently working as an Art Director for Snail Game Russia a games development firm and having about 10 years of experience in illustrations, concept art, speed paint and sketches. Every piece of artwork from his portfolio has a strong, well developed concept, with an impressive execution and technically sublime details. Let us check out some of the impressive works from him for your inspiration.

Jericho Benavente aka Serathus is a concept artist, character designer, movie enthusiast and video games addict from Philippines currently living in Singapore. He simply enthralls us with all his characters nicely done in vivid detail, lighting, sharp and distinctive contrasts that really makes the mood in his works. Let us have a look at some of the phenomenal characters from this incredibly talented artist for your inspiration.

RJ Palmer aka arvalis is a 21 year old concept artist and he currently attends Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, who has got a real eye for design. The characters he portrays in his works look really interesting with the contrast between the colors are just melting together and making a wonderful result. His artworks having a great choice of colors are very emotive, blended with dramatic lighting, mood and expressions. Let us check out some of his phenomenal pieces from his portfolio for your inspiration.