John Frye is a conceptual designer: creating sketches and renderings of ideas and concepts, focusing on aesthetic direction creation. He producec a large volume of quick, legible thumbnail concepts and work with team to narrow down direction, producing finished illustrations of refined concepts for team. He has worked in automotive, aeronautics (airline interiors), entertainment (commercials, video games), and toy industry.

Noah Bradley is a concept artist and illustrator specializing in environment art from the United States. His works have been in renowned art and design magazines like Spectrum, Exposé, ImagineFX, 2DArtistMag, Forbes and Kotaku. He is available for freelance and contract positions.

Anthony Jones aka RobotPencil is a senior concept artist from Irvine, CA who is known for creating awesome concept sketches, game characters and digital paintings with an eye of enormous details and exquisite renderings. He has worked with clients like Fire Forge Games, Sony Santa Monica, Hasbro, Cryptozoic, Wizards of the Coast and Section Studios.