Chris Cold is an incredibly talented artist who specializes in digital paintings that focus on the paranormal. His works feature science fiction creatures and events overwhelming with bright and vibrant colors. The details and atmosphere work hand in hand in his works and everything on the paintings just light up in your mind.

Denis Gonchar is an Illustrator and Digital Artist based in the Ukraine. He is best known for his very unique style of vector, painting and illustration artworks. Let us check some of the most astonishing and coloful illustrations from this incredibly talented artist.

Anastasia Korochansckaja is a fulltime Freelance Illustrator from the United States. She creates some of the most moving and flowing pieces of artwork. Not only that it inspires, it makes you literally dive in to the world of colors and flow. She also strives to share her knowledge in art as best as she can with other artists.

Jeremy Young is a 16 year old designer from New Zealand who is a self-taught digital artist. He has established a personal style which makes his works different from the ordinary. Color and minimalism play a big part in his works. One will really enjoy the techniques he used in his bright, colorful and interesting illustrations most of which are minimal and abstract in nature.