David Fuhrer is a self taught freelance artist born 1985, in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Grown up in the 90’s has influenced David’s work. He started experimenting with Visuals in the early days of the Computer. With a focus on illustration, and an even tighter focus on intricate detailing David Fuhrer’s high scale Artworks are some of the most inspiring and exciting work to flourish from the community. Let us check out some astounding works from this exceptionally talented artist for your inspiration.

Johan Andersson aka Mandelwerk is an artist from Sweden for whom the new 3D fractals really woke the slumbering surrealist in him the day he found his way to fractalforums and Daniel Whites Mandelbulb site. He got a beautiful gallery in his portfolio of surreal three dimensional fractals and every piece is spectacular with all the details in them. Let us take a look by exploring some of his surreal planets for your inspiration.

Ever heard about an artist such as “He just knows how to play with colors”, but this is really going to be an understatement about Mark Chadwick because he literally does this with his extraordinary fluid paintings which contains an assortment of incredible colors. Mark Chadwick is a traditional artist, professional from UK who has completed MA in Fine Art. Let us cruise through the vibrant rivers of colors from his artworks to have an inspirational expedition.

Markus Vogt is a German digital artist who have started creating computer imagery with 2D image processing or illustration programs, later he have become interested in the incredible possibilities and power of 3D modeling, animation and rendering packages. His artworks have appeared in several magazines like “3D World”, “3dArtist”, “Advanced Photoshop” or “Animation Reporter” as well as on various book and CD covers. Let us take an inspirational journey through his fascinating world of science fiction, horror and surrealism.