Melvin Zelissen is a 22 year old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands. He started in 2007 with Photoshop and then moved on to learn Cinema 4D. He is a total art lover and is very much influenced by everyday life, his works are a total mess up with digital lighting design and manipulation and he is incessantly looking for new ways to improve his skills as a digital artist.

Barton is a motion designer and digital artist who creates under his studio brand, Already Been Chewed LLC. For over 12 years, he has designed for a variety of mediums including print, web, live productions and broadcast television. His digital illustrations are influenced heavily by his motion work.

Dmitry Morozov is a digital artist from Bryansk, Russia who has always loved to draw since childhood. He was drawn to paint, pencils, crayons – anything that allows us to express that a flurry of emotions, perspectives that prevailed in his mind. Then he met with the program Photoshop. It is so fascinated and impressed his imagination that he began to devote all his spare time a new case – design.

Maxime des TOUCHES aka elreviae is a designer/illustrator fascinated for many years, He used his know-how in professional purposes for 3 years in the town of La Roche-Posay, France. He makes realizations of all kinds going personal creations to print works. Actually he is a student in a Computer’s Graphic school 2011-2012 (print / webdesign).