In this article, we take a look at Codemods, a tool for making sweeping changes across your code with ease and effectiveness. Codemods are invented by a team of developers from Facebook to assist large-scale migrations in code-base, and we are going to take a deep look into a particular codemod tool called jscodeshift.

Decision-making is only one of the tasks of an executive. It usually takes but a small fraction of his time. But to make decisions is the specific executive task. Decision-making therefore deserves special treatment in a discussion of the effective executive.

Software craftsmanship is an approach to software development that emphasizes the coding skills of the software developers themselves. It is a response by software developers to the perceived ills of the mainstream software industry, including the prioritization of financial concerns over developer accountability.

In this article, we will take a look at creating Ember Components serving media content such as images and videos based on the network bandwidth of the users. For this, we will make use of the Network Information API provided by the browsers. Currently, the only browser that supports this api is Chrome, soon we are expecting that all the browsers will start supporting the network information api.