The Origins

Intrinsic Nature (IN) is an international art group founded in late 2007. IN released its first “Experiment” in March 2008. Since then, IN has become a well-known and popular collective, routinely featured in numerous design magazines and blogs.

IN consists of over 60 talented people from more than 30 countries representing a variety of artistic disciplines including digital art, traditional art, illustration, photography, video, and music production.

IN is a close-knit community of driven individuals who are constantly striving to push the boundaries of artistic expression, free from the constraints of mandatory themes imposed upon each exhibit. They let their creations speak for themselves: they are birthed from their very nature and represent their artistic passions.

IN artists have achieved many accolades and credit the collective for their rapid artistic development and exposure. The community and quality of work continues to improve with each new addition to their core of creative individuals, selected carefully by current artists.

The Comeback

In the summer of 2012 Intrinsic Nature vanished from the internet under unfortunate circumstances, but the group refused to be beaten. Since then a refreshed staff have been hard at work designing and developing the 4th incarnation of the website. Not only was this project to keep the group alive but to give a statement of intent to keep producing the experimental art approach core to the groups values. With that in mind it was key to ensure that the art was at the forefront of the design. We are proud to be able to introduce to you the new Intrinsic Nature.


Alastair Temple – Lead Design, Art Direction

John Mersal – Design, Front-End Development

Adam Ehrlich – Lead Development

Brandon Stout – Development Manager

Anthony Giacomino – Art Direction

Vlad Axinte – Design

Connect with Intrinsic Nature



A Sneak peek at the new design of the website


Early Design Mock-ups


The Intrinsic Nature Design Team would like to thank Adam Cairns and Reichull Rusk for their support and help in putting the site together. Additionally the whole staff would like to thank; all the artists for their patience during the development, Glenn Robinson for starting Intrinsic Nature in the first place and Brandon Stout for making this project achievable.

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