Cosmosys’s 11th exhibition – Self Portrait

The Cosmosys Collective is proud to present their 11th exhibition “Self-Portrait.” They as a group felt they needed a different approach towards exhibition themes. Not the ordinary painting or photograph of your self but they decided to twist things around and make art pieces or photographs that represents us or the state they are currently in. They invite you all to take a look at our 11th exhibition [Self Portrait], hope you enjoy it!

Also, don’t forget to read the interview of Featured Artist – Joakim Olaussen

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ALIVE by Martin Grohs

Escape the Future by Eric Vasquez

“DUNNO WHAT TO CALL THIS” by Alek Todrink (oucho)

“G” by Mark Jose Paje (huMAC)

“ME AND MYSELF” by Dafne

View the complete exhibition

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