This is a weekly series of inspirational posts in the field of Typography from Hangaroundtheweb that features top-class and exceptional work in categories such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, or any piece with a strong typographic treatment. If you want to showcase your work, join our Flickr or DeviantArt groups and share your awesome typographic designs with us.


JCDubs! by Carl Fredrik Angell

ALICE FY – New Typevector by FONTYOU

G is for Gangster by Mario Almaraz

Folklore by Gabriel Panaiet


MADE IN THE USA cover illustration by Chris LaBrooy

Facet by Ana Gomez

Ilustragram by Ayrton.K

Abankirenk Creative by Fatkur Rokhim

The right method by Ana Gomez

067 – Arabic Calligraphy Study by Joshua M Smith

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