Intrinsic Nature is an online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. Every few months Intrinsic Nature releases a public showcase of exclusive art in what they call Experiments. Their latest experiment, Experiment 13 is a monumental collection of mind-blowing artworks, photography and music.

Intrinsic Nature returns feeling luckier than ever, featuring Experiment 13 on their brand new website. After a long, unanticipated hiatus and hopeful return, IN13 doesn’t disappoint. The online gallery is jam-packed with a wide range of digital art and photography featuring the old and the new from their core of talented artists.

IN13 unveils 54 works of art from 73 international artists. Don’t forget to check out the exclusive interviews with their featured artists Macabre, Pezcado and Dyst.

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Connect with Hysterical Minds



Enlightenment by lexingtonGDA

Ultra by HalfLife22

The Harvest of Essence by 3tx

Inner Agonie by Vexatiousss

We The People by macabre7

Levels of Awareness by macabre7

Kirlian Shores and The Master by Syst-eeem

Izanami by cigarro-DA

Silence, a deaf note by AscenteM

View the complete exhibition

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