Hysterical Minds is an international art collective made up of Spanish-speaking members only. It consists of around 100 multidisciplinary artists from more than 15 countries. The group was founded in mid 2009 and it flourished during the following year; at present it has stabilized and its future is very promising, due to its constant growth and exciting projects.

“Substantia” releases creativity as freedom: no boundaries, unlimited. Pure creative violence that summarizes a showcase that gathers all the margins of creativity. For that reason, “Substantia” needs no prefaces. Leave yourselves trapped in its essence.

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Softness by Azeriazz

Amethyst by Azeriazz

Proud by AlMaNeGrA

HM12 HM Femme by AltoContrasteStudio

The Face of all your fear by Liransz

Aftermath by JCBarquet

The Goal by Bolv3rk

Templar by Dumaker

Labyrinth by Matkraken

Frozen Heart by obscureBT

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