This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most astonishing artworks and inspiring images from the design community hand picked by some of our writers and users. If you want to participate and get inspired, share your works through our Flickr or DeviantArt groups.

Reptile by jaggudada

Fire Flower by CassandraPoulson

Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor by SharpWriter

Bad Hair Day by michellekathryn

Joan of Arc by DonatoArts

a place to the left by joanneyoung

Crash by Darkodev

Old Friend by dloliver

Bell by escume

Dreg Mangler by One-Vox

Vasco da Gama by Grafik

Afternoon by SuperPalits

Gary Oldman by jthompson007

Skulldawn by LASAHIDO

Android Xt36214 by MiroBudis

Android Xt36214 by MiroBudis

Judge Dredd cover artwork by Nick-Percival

WINGED ANGEL 3 by soufiane idrassi

Crin – ArtBase 2012 by Crin

Tattoo Goddess & Piercing Saint by Andrzej Kuziola

Drones by Riyahd Cassiem

MUSICAL POSTERS by Christian Kitzmuller

Vision Quest by Michael Fennen

Mother with kids and dog by Anna Kulakovskaja

2Dartist – SuperStylised Character by Ruth Martinez

Wild Life Illustration by Uke Sanchez De Bock

Breaking Bad Fan Art by Cesar Moreno

APOCALYPSE by Rocky Ramone

FIFA 13: A NEW LOOK by Jonathan Kaye

Heroes with Heart by Anthony Petrie

Two kinds of ideas poster by Marek Mundok

Illustrations – My Problems by Dima Rebus

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