In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to create an awesomely shining golden text effect having a subtle glitter on its surface in Photoshop using plain layer styles and filters. We will play with some layer styles and filters to create our text in a very quick time, the steps are much easier to follow, this tutorial requires no user expertise, even a beginner can learn with ease and create some stunning text effects based on this.

Before going into the tutorial, let us see how the final image will look like.

Step 1:New Document

Create a new document of size 1600 by 1200 px with black as the background color.

Step 2: Add Text

Now add some text of any simple, elegant style font, i am using the font Banda which can be downloaded from FontSquirrel, about the size of 400 pt of some golden yellow or dark orange color (#FA8132). The color of the text matters the most here since we are going to achieve some shiny golden material like effect for our text.

Note: This text layer is the base for our design, so henceforth in the tutorial, we will be mentioning this layer as base_text.

Position the text in the center of the document , aligning both the horizontal and vertical centers with respect to the background layer.

Step 3: :Layer Styles for the text

Bevel and Emboss

First apply the Bevel and Emboss style for the text, with the Gloss Contour option selected as Ring Double, you can find this option by clicking the drop-down next to it, please use the below image for your reference.


Next apply the Satin style.

Here also, we need to apply a different Contour style other than the default one. Choose the Ring contour style from the drop-down and apply OK.

This is the effect so far with our text.

Step 4: Motion Blur and Gaussian Blur

With the text layer ready, next we need to apply some horizontal motion blur for the effect. For that we are going to duplicate our text layer along with the layer styles and then rasterize it and finally apply the blur.

So first select the original text layer, go to Layer -> Duplicate Layer (Ctrl + J), then create a new layer on top of it, select both the layers, then merge them by using Layer -> Merge Layers (Ctrl + E).

Then go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur, use the settings as: Angle = 0, Distance = 998 pixels, use the below image for your reference.

After apply the Motion blur, our text will look like this.

Now we need to mask out certain portions of our text to give it a proper realistic motion blur like effect. For that add a layer mask to the layer and choose a soft round brush about 75-100 px diameter and 0% hardness and mask the text on the middle portions retaining the motion blur along the top and bottom edges, use the below image for your reference.

After masking the text, we will have nice effect like this.

Now duplicate this layer along with the mask , and move it to the bottom below the original text layer to add some strength to the blur.

We are adding one more blur effect for the text to create some nice glow around it, for that duplicate the original text layer and then rasterize it as before and then go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur, give Radius = 30 and apply OK.

After applying the Gaussian blur.

Step 5: Creating the glitter

Our text effect is almost done, but its looking very plain at the moment, so we need to light it up a little, for that we are creating a nice and shiny glitter material on its surface. For that we are going to duplicate our original text layer, then remove all the Layer styles, contract it to the size exactly matching the surface and then finally adding the glitter.

First duplicate the base_text layer, then move it to the top of the Layer Stack, remove all the Layer styles, by dragging the fx button to the Trash icon or you can right-click the layer and choose Clear Layer Styles. Then select the layer pixels by right-clicking on the layer and choose Select Pixels or alternatively you can click on the Layer Thumbnail while holding down the Ctrl (Cmd for Mac) key.

Once the Layer pixels got selected, we need to contract the selection exactly by the width of the beveled edge border previously applied to the effect through Layer styles. So we need to contract it by 5 pixels. Go to Select -> Modify -> Contract and then give 5 to the value and press OK.

Now our selection got reduced by 5 pixels.

All we need to do now is to apply the following layer styles of this layer.

Inner Shadow


Next we need to apply the Satin style with a different contour selected other than the default one and also changing the Blend Mode to difference.

Then finally apply some noise for the real glitter effect. Go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise and set the value Amount = 10% and press OK.

Change the Layer Blending Mode of this layer to Screen and set the Layer Opacity to 75%.

This is how our final output will look like, please also take a look at how the layers are stacked against each other and arrange the same in the order given below for good looking final result.

Finally here is our final image with a smooth and shiny text effect. There are certain things i want to mention here, please be liberal with the use of filters, choice of fonts , layer styles, and also experiment with the settings while applying filters to get accurate and effective results.

We’re finished! Hopefully you’ve picked up a few new techniques and had fun while doing so. Please share any of your personal creations in the comments for others to see!