Tutorials of the week is a weekly roundup of the most bookmarked tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator that brings you the best of the tutorials from the popular design blogs. In this week’s collection we have tutorials from PSDVault, PSDFan, PSDBox, PSDTuts+, DesignInstruct, WeGraphics, PhotoshopTutorials, VectorTuts+, Line25, PhotoshopStar, DigitalArtsOnline and ComputerArts.

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One Moment – Manipulation Tutorial

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Photo Manipulate a Cute Flying Pig Scene

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How to Create a Mosaic Text Effect

Create a Picture Gallery in Illustrator

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How to Make Inspiration Frame in 5 Minutes

Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorial: Create a garden of sinful pleasure

Love Me – Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

How to Use a Tilt / Shift Effect on Portraits

Merge vectors with photographic imagery