Tutorials of the week is a weekly roundup of the most bookmarked tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator that brings you the best of the tutorials from the popular design blogs. In this week’s collection we have tutorials from PSDTuts+, PSDVault, Abduzeedo, SpoonGraphics, AdobeTutorialz, PSDFan, PhotoshopTutorials, BloomWebDesign, VectorTuts+, Designzzz, PhotoshopStar, PSDBox, CompurteArts, DigitalArtsOnline, TexTuts, VectorBoom, PxlEyes and Noupe.

Create a Cybernetic Woman in Photoshop

Create Abstract Photo Manipulation with 3D Render Pack in Photoshop

Dark Knight Rises Poster in Photoshop

Photo Color Correction for the Amateur Photographer

How to stylise model shoot using colourful shapes in Photoshop

Create A Unique Steampunk Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

How to Create a Magical Town in the Clouds Using Photoshop

How to create Grungy Medieval Text in Photoshop

How To Create a Simple Web Badge

How to Illustrate an Auction Gavel Icon

How to Make Yourself Stunning with Digital Retouching in Photoshop

Creating Roller Shutter in Photoshop

Photo-Mosaic text effect in Photoshop

Build experiments into your workflow

Create a Glassy Text Effect Filled with a Green, Acidic Substance


Glossy Encapsulated Text Effect

Create a Binoculars Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Designing the Dark Photo Manipulation ‘The Forgotten’

Work with a limited colour palette

How to Draw a Koi Fish in Photoshop

How to Create Interesting Text Effects Using Adobe Illustrator and Phantasm CS

Create a “Magic School” Photo Manipulation

Create a Dragon from a Hamburger

Create a Bending 3D Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Create a Corn Cob in Adobe Illustrator

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